If you’re thinking about taking up yoga or trying a new type of yoga, this is the perfect place for you.

At BAYoga we appreciate the extensive benefits for your body and mind. We teach a range of different yoga styles and we want you to discover the right one for you.

You are invited to take up our 21 day offer for just £21

If you’d prefer to learn in a more structured way then sign up to one of our beginners courses or attend our Friday (10.00am) and Saturday morning (09.45am) drop in beginners classes.


To help you decide which type of yoga might suit you best, we would broadly split the types of yoga we offer into two categories: gentle or dynamic

If you want to work up a bit of a sweat then dynamic is most likely for you. Otherwise, you probably want to try one of our gentle yoga classes.

Which type of yoga is for you?

Yoga Styles

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Ashtanga yoga - Dynamic

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Yin yoga - Gentle challenge

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Gentle & therapeutic yoga

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Hatha yoga - gentle

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Vinyasa yoga - Dynamic

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Flow to Yin Yoga (Dynamic and gentle)

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Restorative yoga

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