Ashtanga yoga – Dynamic

Is it for you?

Ashtanga is the most athletic and physically demanding form of yoga, which calls for a considerable amount of effort, strength and stamina.

So, if you like to build up a sweat, this is the yoga for you.

While you need no experience of yoga to get going with ashtanga, you’ll want a certain level of fitness.

The benefits

Ashtanga yoga involves a set sequence of poses, which link from one to the next with synchronised breathing – a flow of movement known as ‘vinyasa’.

This taps into and circulates a vital energy throughout the body and creates an intense internal heat, which has the effect of detoxifying muscles and organs, while releasing beneficial hormones and minerals.

Ashtanga yoga also increases strength and flexibility and helps to lower stress, as it stills the mind and creates a feeling of calm focus.

What’s a Mysore class?

A Mysore class follows the practice of teaching yoga as inspired by Sri K Pattabhi Jois in the southern Indian city of Mysore.

The class isn’t led as a whole; rather you’re instructed one-on-one in a group setting. You practice your own portion of the ashtanga sequence at your own pace, while the teacher helps everyone individually by giving physical adjustments and advice.

You can join a Mysore class whatever your level or experience – even if you’re a beginner. You simply do the length of practice suitable for you.

You can turn up at any time during a Mysore class, but we suggest you give yourself an hour before the end of the session.

When are the classes?

Check out our timetable and you will see we have lots of ashtanga classes. If you’re new to ashtanga you are welcome to try a Mysore class as a beginner, for the last hour of a Mysore class.  We also regularly hold ashtanga weekend workshops so check our workshop page out too.

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