Classical osteopaths see a relationship between body mechanics and health: if you expend less energy resisting gravity, you have more to recover from injury or illness.

Body tissues need certain things to be healthy, like blood flow, lymphatic drainage and nerve supply. Osteopathy views disease as adaptation occurring when these needs are compromised by disharmony of body structure or function.

Treatment aims to improve your body’s relationship with gravity and promote integrated function between body tissues and systems. The body is relaxed and its structure is adjusted through gentle rhythmic movements, using limbs as long levers.

Emlyn Lamburn


Emlyn first experienced osteopathy as a patient. Intrigued, he decided to train at the British School of Osteopathy, gaining his master of osteopathy degree with distinction.

He graduated with the urge to look at a more distinctively osteopathic and holistic approach, so he went on to do postgraduate studies with the Institute of Classical Osteopathy.

Emlyn is registered with the General Osteopathic Council, which regulates the profession in the UK.

Before discovering osteopathy, Emlyn read philosophy at the London School of Economics and pursued careers in marketing communications and music.

Outside osteopathy, Emlyn’s main interest is his daughter Frieda, born just after he moved to Berkhamsted in May 2014. He also enjoys walks, cycling and exploring his collection of around 3,500 records.


01442 927 227


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