Want to build your immune system? Shiatsu’s for you.

An imbalanced immune system can inhibit any healing action and deepen or aggravate many existing ‘diseases’. A weak immune system, as a pathological pattern, creates a vicious circle in which the body is more susceptible to the invasion of disease. In turn the immune system gets weaker. Over time, the body becomes progressively more vulnerable and loses its ability to heal.
When bacteria or a virus enters the body, the immune system tries to fight back against the intruder. Shiatsu therapy & bodywork helps strengthen the immune system and its ability to fight back against any internal or external pathogen. It allows a weak immune system to be strengthened and an overactive immune system to be calmed.
General Symptoms of a weakened or imbalanced immune system
Recent research carried out by the University of Leeds on behalf of the European Shiatsu Federation establishes that Shiatsu massage treatment:
As with other forms of bodywork, Shiatsu encourages your blood and lymph to flow around your body, taking oxygen to your organs and skin, helping them to release toxins and stimulating your immune system.
A course of Shiatsu’s would give your health an overall boost, be ready in time for summertime, and for those colds and bugs we, at times acquire
Interested in giving it a go? With our therapist Jan, you’re in good hands.
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