Student spotlight: Bev’s yoga journey

Bev has been a huge supporter of ours before and throughout lockdown and continues her yoga journey online with us now. Here are some words from her on her journey of wellbeing with yoga, and a pic of her cats who aren’t allowed in while she’s practicing 🙂

“I first started yoga classes in 1980 (!) and I have tried a variety of class types in a variety of settings.

I’ve taken classes abroad whilst working away from home or on holiday all over the world.

By 2019 with a routine of a weekly hatha class and vinyasa.

Then lock down arrived. Zoom classes began and I’ve learnt so much from this experience. Now I’m happy doing online yoga in my undecorated loft space unless it’s very cold outside. I spend much of the class with my eyes shut – unless I really can’t understand the instructions. So I don’t need a big screen to follow the teacher. I’m deaf, so as long as the teacher speaks clearly and the sound is clear then I’m happy.

My impression of BAYoga is that the teachers are well trained and highly expert in their own styles. Moving to north of Aylesbury curtailed my trips to BA Yoga since the rush hour traffic meant the journey was at least 1 hour long, but I now join online!

As my yoga practice develops I see how the transformational breath can really become part of your practice. I think that’s why I love ashtanga class – I can try and focus on the breath now I’m more accustomed to the poses. I love the regime of the breath work as part of the practice and my balance poses are improving. Similarly with kundalini yoga, the repetitive movements are great for breath work.

The best classes are those where the teacher makes you feel as if you are actually in the same room with the teacher. Teachers that watch your movement and comment on your positioning help achieve this.

Yoga isn’t “ another exercise class”.”

Thank you Bev! If you’re inspired by her comments about yoga, grab a 2 week unlimited pass and give it a go.

Two week unlimited pass

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