Inversion with Caroline & Kulan !

On popular demand, here’s another inversion workshop !!!

A day of experimentation and fun and its aim is to reinforce the fundamentals of selected inversions. The hope is that it will help overcome any barriers you may have about trying new inversions and it will push through plateaus, learn how to invert (go upside down into yoga poses) safely and steadily. Learn alternatives to shoulder-stand and headstand, and the reasons why being upside down can be good for your body and mind. Expect a step by step approach – with key build up and cool downs poses to help warm the body and focus the mind. Understanding the therapeutic benefits and precautions for inversions

The yoga inversions workshops is ideal for students who are are generally fit and healthy. Whether you are ‘nearly’ ready to come into inversions, or new to the postures. Or are simply curious to find out more about being upside down*. If you are a regular practitioner of these poses, you will learn how to bring more depth and variety to your inversions. *This workshop is not suitable for beginner yoga students.

April 28th 2 PM to 4 PM – Please book before it gets sold out !

£35 in studio


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