Gentle yoga with Tara (Beginners & Mixed ability)

6 Week Course – Wednesdays,  5 June – 10 July 9.15 – 10.30am

Enjoy a gentle and compassionate practice focused on comfortable movement, breathing techniques, meditation and relaxation for the body and mind.

Beginners are welcome and classes can be adapted and modified for injury.

A gentle yoga practice can support recovery with considered and careful movement. Yoga nurtures and inspires and can be encouraging when we are suffering from fatigue, lack of confidence and general aches and pains. The time in our practice can lighten and re-vitalise us. The being cared for in a quiet, accessible, place with a trusted teacher and our familiar group of people, who are supportive and concerned for our wellbeing, helps us feel encouraged to recover and to generally feel better. This is a time when it’s good to be enjoying company, support, laughter and the nourishment that brings, especially after our experiences of the pandemic and the unsettling in the world, which for so many has been so challenging and exhausting.

Join Tara for a short course to explore the practice using breath, movement and meditation in a gentle, grounding, practice.


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