Forget the due date

I treat many ladies who say ‘I am late for my due date’ or ‘the baby was early’ and this leads to so much pressure for that particular date, when in fact, what would be more accurate would be a due month or even six weeks.

The baby and mother will not give birth until they are ready and nature takes it’s natural course.

I hear the scare stories and yet, interestingly enough, the stats according to a study done by Cotzias published in British Medical Journal show that still births are as high a risk at 37 weeks as they are at 43 weeks. I cannot begin to imagine how that pressure feels when you are being told this but I am here to lessen the stress.

I have assisted many mother’s into a natural labour – allowing them to start their contractions, a day after and some even just hours after our appointments.

They all came to see me for a course of Shiatsu sessions with me using the appropriate acupoints to induce labour along with preparing you for the journey ahead.

Are you out there stressing about your due date/month?

Do feel free to get in touch and let’s get working together very soon.

For those that do not know of Shiatsu, it’s an eclectic mix of physiotherapy, osteopathy, acupressure with the same acupoints used in acupuncture and is an anicent oriental bodywork technique.

For more information or to book, email jan@bayoga.cuk

Jan (resident shiatsu massage therapist)

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