Student spotlight: Dave and gentle yoga

Here are some lovely words from Dave who has been attending Tara’s Wed 9.15am gentle yoga class:

“Yoga helps me with balance and flexibility, and I feel like it helps to prevent back problems. The main benefits, though, are mental. I always finish a yoga class calmer than I started it. Recently I went to a class feeling angry and finished feeling happy and relaxed. During the pandemic it helped to keep me sane. My weekly class (on Zoom) was like a port in a storm.

I’m currently the only man in the class, although in the past there have been others. There isn’t any competition between the students, we just focus on the teacher and try to get the most from the class at the level we’re at. In general I would say that men have lot to gain from yoga, so I hope to encourage more to join!

When I started out I attended 3 different classes, 2 at BAYoga and one in a local community centre, in order to find the one which was best for me. I chose Tara’s gentle yoga class, as I felt that Tara seeks to nourish her students mentally and spiritually just as much as physically.”

Tara’s class is very popular and we run it as a course, so keep an eye on the courses page to see if there’s a course starting soon. You can also join one off sessions, but they can often be busy so if you’re very keen definitely book the course in advance.

Check out the courses page

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