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Yoga for insomnia

I wanted to share with you my insomnia hell, does that sound too strong?  Maybe, but that’s what it has felt like over the past few months for me.  I’ve been suffering with insomnia for many years on and off, but mainly it has been short-lived and recovery fairly quick.  This time however, has been a whole new experience!

One of the reasons I resisted going to the doctor for medical help was because, being a yoga teacher, I know what to do to relax!  To be told by a doctor to do yoga to help me relax was not something I wanted to experience!  During the pandemic I’ve probably done more yoga on a daily basis than I’ve ever done in my life before.  I’ve been meditating daily too, so getting chronic insomnia seemed totally unfair!!

So this is what I’ve done to help me onto the road of recovery…

So, which of the above changes have helped me sleep a little better?  No idea!  I do all of them, and I’m still not quite there, but it’s improving.  The only addition to this is that on Thursday evening this week I didn’t take the inulin, or do my yoga for sleep sequence, and I didn’t have a good night.  However, we are all different!  Some, or all of the above, may help you if you also suffer with insomnia.

I’m not an expert, but if you think it might help, I’m very happy to chat with you about my experience.  For those of you that don’t have difficultly in sleeping… please pass this on to an insomniac!

This is a sound track that is said to help you sleep too.  As I don’t ever have my phone in the bedroom I haven’t tried it, but it has come highly recommended.

Sweet dreams…!

yoga for insomnia



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