Reiki drum journey

Saturday 21st May, 3 – 5pm

Relax to the healing beat of the drum with Natalie Walker

During this workshop, we will connect with the drum. We will learn about how it is used and what we can gain from drumming and it’s healing properties. There will be a drum meditation, and some reiki healing. 

On our drum journey, you will be invited to set an intention around what you want the journey to be about. When we are intentional about something, our focus is in the moment : who we are, what we do, why we do it. Let’s see where the drum takes us! 

We will end the workshop with a deeper drum meditation, where we will balance our chakras, (the seven main energy centers of the body) and look to enjoy an awareness of renewed energy so that we leave the workshop feeling in tune and connected with ourselves.

About Natalie

Natalie is a reiki master teacher, of Usui and Holy Fire as well as a reiki drum master teacher, and meditation teacher. 

Natalie’s journey started in 2018, when she was looking for answers about what she should be doing with her life. She has 2 young children, and wanted to be the best Mum she could be, but the guilt about taking time for herself was all consuming. 

Being attuned to reiki Natalie found that being able to heal herself on many different levels was what she needed, so she kept learning. She became a master reiki teacher, and is now able to teach and help others at a deeper level.

The drum came into her life this year and took both her and her clients healing experiences to a different level.

“I’m so excited to meet you all and share this with you” 💗

In Studio £30

Book before 1st May for Early bird discount £25


Retreat Day with Caroline & Jayne

Monday 3rd January

Getting back into your yoga practice post the festive season can be challenging! Caroline & Jayne have come up with the perfect solution to get you going again, starting with a RETREAT DAY, followed by 4 morning Mysore practices and led Primary on Saturday 8th January.

RETREAT DAY Monday 3rd January

07.00 – 09.00 – Mysore Ashtanga with Jayne and Caroline

09.15 – 10.15 – Coffee, cake and conference, with Jayne and Caroline

10.30 – 11.30 – Where the breath goes, the mind goes, with Caroline.

A mix of traditional Ashtanga and other breathwork practices, followed by a short breath-focused meditation. Suitable for all levels.


13.00 – 15.00 – Workshop: Springboard into Second Series, with Caroline & Jayne.

Second series is a wonderfully healing practice. However, there are some places where almost everyone gets ‘stuck’ for a while – leg behind head postures, deep backbends, and complex inversions. In this workshop, Jayne and Caroline guide you through a series of gentle openings to unlock these challenging poses. You’ll learn where to focus your attention in Primary series to develop ease in Second Series, and you’ll find playful and nondogmatic methods of approaching these poses

15.15 – 16.30 – Yoga Clinic with Jayne and Caroline

Bring your asana puzzles and yoga queries! Lotus not blooming? Headstand a headache? Frustrated with flexibility?

16.45 – 18.00 – Sunset restorative with Jayne, assisted by Caroline

A deep, nurturing practice that releases stress, relaxes the mind and body, and rebalances the nervous system.

You can book the whole day or half day

FULL DAY RETREAT £85 – early bird discount if booked by 20th December £75

HALF DAY RETREAT £55 – early bird discount if booked by 20th December £45


Caroline & Jayne will then be offering a 4 day Mysore (Tuesday – Friday) + Led Primary on Saturday to complete your 6 day practice. What a fabulous way to start the year!

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 07.00 – 09.00, Friday 08.30 – 10.30, Saturday 08.30 – 10.00

Unlimited Members Tuesday to Saturday £45

5 classes/month members, Tuesday to Saturday £75

Non members, Tuesday to Saturday £95


4 day Mysore + Led Primary with Caroline & Jayne

Tuesday 4th January – Saturday 8th January

Caroline & Jayne will be teaching together, ashtanga yoga Mysore, Tuesday to Friday and full primary on Saturday.  Add this onto your Retreat day on Monday 3rd and you will have a full 6 day week ashtanga practice to kick start 2022!

We are blessed here at BAYoga to have 2 such good ashtanga yoga teachers, so don’t miss this opportunity to have them BOTH teaching you!

Tuesday 4th, 7 – 9am – Mysore

Wednesday 5th, 7 – 9am – Mysore

Thursday 6th, 7 – 9am – Mysore

Friday 7th, 8.30 – 10.30am – Mysore

Saturday 8th, 8.30 – 10am – Led Primary Series

Unlimited Members £45

5 class/month members £75

Non members £95


Upside down with Ambra Vallo

Sunday 6th March 12 – 2.30pm

This immersion into inversions is a playful, enlightening and humbling introduction to taking things upside down in your asana practice.  

Inversions calm the mind and are known to reduce stress, reverse the effects of gravity, aging & they are FUN! 

Come take part in this fun and informative workshop and try something new or enhance what’s already there in your practice.

Getting upside down can be daunting for fear of falling so join us for this workshop where we’ll practice in a safe supportive way that will set you up to to delve into inversions and move forward in your practice.

Combining elements of core, arm & shoulder strength we’ll build you up step by step to give you the confidence needed to get upside down. 

We welcome beginner and more advanced practitioners. There’s something for everyone in this workshop.

Options given for ALL levels!

£35 in studio

£30 in studio with early bird discount, book before 20th February

£25 online


Introduction to Tai chi with Yoko

Saturday 18th September, 1.30 – 3pm

Tai chi is a form of moving meditation, which relaxes and strengthens your body and mind. Experience the gentle flowing movements of Tai Chi and treat your whole body to a calming and harmonising workout.

Practising Tai chi has been scientifically proven to improve the immune system and the general quality of your life.

Stress and negative emotions, like worry and anger, will lower your immune system, Tai chi is a means for dealing with this tension and stress. Other health benefits include:
  • Becoming calm, centred and grounded
  • Coordination, balance, and suppleness
  • Harmony of mind, body, and spirit
  • Developing increased energy

Suitable for both beginners and those with previous experience of Tai chi.

Yoko is a World Tai Chi Gold medallist and British National Tai Chi Champion of 2018 and 2019.

£15 in studio


Berkhamsted yoga medley charity day

An afternoon of yoga to raise money for the Hospice of St Francis. Come along and give different styles of yoga a try.

Saturday 11th September, 2-4.00pm

This is the perfect opportunity to do something for charity and also find out which type of yoga is right for you. At BAYoga we appreciate the extensive benefits of yoga for your body and mind. We teach a range of different yoga styles and we want you to discover the right one for you.

This is an opportunity to meet different teachers and all styles of the yoga medley are offered weekly at the studio. These will include vinyasa, ashtanga, hatha, kundalini and yin yoga.

If you want to take a break you can just lie back and relax. There will be short breaks between each session and a longer break for some tea and cake mid afternoon.

Spaces are limited so book asap to secure your place – just £15. All proceeds to the Hospice.

Beginners very much encouraged.

Book now

Beginners/improvers ashtanga yoga – with Caroline

Mysore course with Caroline – 6 weeks

Tuesday 19th April – 31st May, 8-9pm (no class on the 3rd May)

Starting an ashtanga yoga Mysore practice

Beginners often feel unsure whether Mysore classes are right for them, assuming that they will need to know the sequence before they start. However, this is not the case and, in many ways, learning in a Mysore style class is the best and safest way to learn Ashtanga yoga as it ensures that beginners are working at their own pace and receiving individual attention.

This course is designed for beginners interested in the inspiring and dynamic practice of Ashtanga yoga and for those who wish to revisit the fundamentals of the practice.

We will cover the key elements of the practice including:-

PLEASE NOTE: No previous yoga experience is required, as this course is designed for complete beginners or those who wish to start Ashtanga Mysore classes. ALL are welcome, we will take time to explain all movements, showing variations to meet every age, shape and level of fitness. If you have any injuries, or health issues, you must inform the teacher before the class starts.


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Class cards are not valid for this course. Members may join provided all sessions are signed up for.

Catch Your Breath workshop with Jayne

Saturday, 9th October 2 – 4pm

Our breath is something we feel, taste, smell, hear but rarely see except on winter mornings. Jayne Wilton artist and yoga teacher will lead a workshop about how people from Palaeolithic times onwards have found ways to make the breath visible. 

In this workshop, open to individuals and also parents with a child of age between 5 and 13, we will look at ways artists have tried to make the impermanent breath, permanent.

We will explore some yoga poses which allow us to feel and work with our breath and we will all have an opportunity to take a print of our breath (this would make a unique and excellent Christmas present to relatives!!) 

Come and enjoy 2 hours of creativity and movement focused on the breath. 

£28 per person, £35 adult and child.

Tai Chi with Yoko

Tai Chi Berkhamsted

6 week Tai Chi course – Mixed ability (Beginners welcome)

Wednesdays, 5th January – 9th February, 12.30-1.30pm

Tai Chi combines deep breathing and relaxation with gentle, slow flowing movements resembling a meditation in motion. It is an excellent exercise for health and well being and can reduce stress and tension, improve balance, flexibility and co-ordination.

Tai Chi increases and enhances the flow of Qi (energy) in the body and takes you on a journey to explore your body energetics through the movement, together with the coordination of the mind and the body.

The course is run by qualified Tai Chi instructor and Gold medalist Yoko, who will teach you step by step the Tai Chi movement.

£72 for 6 week course (class cards can be used by those who have already worked with Yoko)


About Yoko

Tai chi Berkhamsted

Beginners gentle hatha yoga course with Izzy

6 week course

Thursdays, 21st April – 26th May, 8 – 9pm

This six week beginners course will introduce you to key concepts and movements of yoga at an accessible pace. We will guide you through some basic postures of yoga intended to help wake up the spine, hips, shoulders and hamstrings. We will practice gently linking breath with movement to flow through a moving meditation, exploring the fuller capacity of the breath. This is a great place to start if you want to learn the basics without being worried about being out of your depth.

Izzy’s approach is one of a very spiritual nature. She likes you to focus on your own personal journey with yoga. This course is as much about finding yourself as it is learning yogic techniques.

Our practice will take place in the studio. To participate, if possible please bring your own yoga mat although we do have some to borrow.  Please wear a mask in the hallways and reception as these are communal areas.

Memberships are valid for this course but members must sign in to every class and do it as a course.


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