Kinesiology Berkhamsted:Do you suffer from SAD?

It’s normal to have some days when you feel down, but if your symptoms recur at the same time each year, you may be suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Symptoms, which usually start in the autumn or winter and improve in the spring, can include a persistent low mood, irritability, guilt, worthlessness or anxiety. Sufferers can become less sociable and feel lethargic, needing more sleep and sometimes craving more carbohydrate food leading to weight gain in the process.

Bach Flower Essences are extracts from flowers which can have a positive effect on those struggling with emotional imbalances. The essences are 100% natural, have no side effects and can be used safely in combination with other forms of treatment including homeopathy.

If you find yourself struggling with the Winter Blues, one or more of the following Bach Flower Essences may be worth considering. They can be taken directly by mouth, or often what works best is adding 12 drops to a bottle of mineral water which can then be sipped through the day and repeated daily until the symptoms lift.


Aspen Fear, apprehension, anxious anticipation, foreboding or dread. These feelings can be very disturbing and fill the sufferer with panic but no specific reason is necessarily identified.


Cherry Plum Desperate fear of the mind giving way and can feel on the edge of a breakdown. There may be an impulse to do harm to others or oneself and sudden outbursts of irrational rage, violence or hysteria.


Gorse Hopelessness and despair. When ill, these people give up hope of ever getting better.


Hornbeam Gives emotional strength to those who cannot face the day ahead and have lost motivation and enthusiasm, causing procrastination and lethargy so that work which was once a pleasure becomes a chore.


Mustard Depression which descends like a dark cloud and can remain for days, weeks or even months. It eventually lifts as suddenly as it came, only to return again in a fluctuating cycle. Feel very unhappy, but when asked why, they cannot find a reason and often say they have everything they want in life.


Pine Guilt which may be recent or harboured for many years. Often blame themselves for the mistakes of others, apologizing and full of remorse or self-reproach, even when they have done no wrong.


Sweet Chestnut Desperate mental anguish. Can feel there is nothing left in life and are so sad they may physically hurt inside, feeling desolate and heartbroken, seeing no way out of their inner darkness.


If you prefer an individually tailored approach, a kinesiology consultation will use muscle testing to identify which flower essences, homeopathic remedies or nutritional supplements are most likely to improve your wellbeing. Get in touch with our resident kinesiologist.

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