Beginners/improvers ashtanga yoga – with Caroline

Mysore course with Caroline – 6 weeks

Tuesday 19th April – 31st May, 8-9pm (no class on the 3rd May)

Starting an ashtanga yoga Mysore practice

Beginners often feel unsure whether Mysore classes are right for them, assuming that they will need to know the sequence before they start. However, this is not the case and, in many ways, learning in a Mysore style class is the best and safest way to learn Ashtanga yoga as it ensures that beginners are working at their own pace and receiving individual attention.

This course is designed for beginners interested in the inspiring and dynamic practice of Ashtanga yoga and for those who wish to revisit the fundamentals of the practice.

We will cover the key elements of the practice including:-

PLEASE NOTE: No previous yoga experience is required, as this course is designed for complete beginners or those who wish to start Ashtanga Mysore classes. ALL are welcome, we will take time to explain all movements, showing variations to meet every age, shape and level of fitness. If you have any injuries, or health issues, you must inform the teacher before the class starts.


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Class cards are not valid for this course. Members may join provided all sessions are signed up for.

Gong relaxation and gentle yoga – with Raeeka Yassaie

Saturday, 16th July, 2 – 3pm

Go from stressed to relaxed in just 60 minutes

Join this beautiful gong relaxation, where you simply lie back and let the healing sounds of the gong cleanse, renew and rejuvenate you. The gong is a powerful tool for clearing the mind, reinvigorating the nervous system and stripping away any negative thoughts.

In this workshop, we’ll practice a few gentle yoga postures or meditation for about 15 minutes before a lovely long gong relaxation for the rest of the hour.

You don’t need any experience of gong or yoga – just an open mind.

(Those who are pregnant should only take part if they’ve experienced the gong before and feel comfortable with it.)


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Please bring your own mat and any props you need (blanket, pillows) to lie comfortably.

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Kundalini yoga – with Raeeka (beginners welcome)

15 week course

Mondays, 5th April – 19th July (no class 31st May)

If you are looking for a type of yoga which focuses on postures and breathing, as well as meditation + mantra, then kundalini yoga is for you.  Each week will involve a different kriya (yoga set) and meditation. It can vary from class to class – gentle, dynamic or a mix.

This is perfect for you if you are looking for a spiritual angle to your yoga class.

Please be sure to sign in each week to the class according to whether you would like to attend in studio (if space allowed) or online to receive the joining instructions.


This course will be available online only initially but if studios open during the course it will also be valid for in studio.

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or mix and match this class with other classes by joining as a member or purchasing a class card

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Find out more about Raeeka

5 reasons to practice yoga early in the morning

1. Feel good factor

What could be more virtuous than an early start with an invigorating yoga practice? The combination is hard to beat when it comes to feeling good about yourself. And, while getting up early can be challenging on even a good morning, once you’ve finished your yoga practice, you’ll begin the day
with a positive mindset and a spring in your step.

2. A healthy approach to the day

Having kick-started your metabolism with a vitalising yoga practice, you’ll be inspired to continue the day with good habits like healthy eating, tall posture and less of the bad stuff.

3. Energy and focus

It may surprise you to know that, rather than tire you out, an early and active start to your day keeps you energised for longer. So, after a busy session at work or school, you can still enjoy quality time with your family and friends at the end of the day.

4. A better night’s sleep

Yoga calms the nervous system and helps to reduce tension. This sets you up for a less stressful day and increases your chances of a deeper, more restful, more restorative sleep. All the better for another early start!

5. Strength and flexibility

One of the quickly noticeable benefits of yoga is a stronger, more toned, more flexible body. As someone with a background in running and sports, I can honestly tell you that when I first started yoga I couldn’t touch my knees. I can now – and quite a lot more!

Join us for an early morning ashtanga Mysore class at BAYoga. We’re here every  Friday from 6am to 8am. Try a class for £5.

In case you’ve never done yoga Mysore style before, it’s a self-practice class with a set sequence of movements that focus on breath, balance, strength and flexibility. Regardless of whether you’re new to yoga or more experienced, you’ll practice at your own pace and at your own level. So, if you’re a total beginner, you’ll start with a sequence of movements called sun salutations, and over time add
more and more poses as your practice develops.

You’re welcome to start the class at whatever time works for you, not necessarily 6am. As long as you arrive an hour before the end of the class, we can fit in a great practice, as the teacher will work with you one to one.

We look forward to seeing you at BAYoga bright and early!

A yoga set to let off steam

Want to try some yoga at home?

Why not practice along with our resident vitality yoga teacher, Suzy in her yoga video to let off steam.

Need more support? Check out her upcoming workshops in 2018.

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Why pilates might be for you

Berkhamsted Pilates

As we wind down from summer and look at getting back into our routines, have you considered Pilates as a new addition?

Our resident pilates teacher comes from an injury rehabiliation background so she can support all bodies and a number of injuries in the class.

Pilates works by strengthening and balancing the core muscles that we don’t use on a daily basis, and the small muscles close to the joints. By activating these small muscles, we keep balance around the joints and can therefore minimise injury and strengthen your body. This strengthening of the small muscles also takes the pressure off your bigger muscles, which don’t have to do as much as a result. This leads to fewer aches and pains. 

If you’re someone who finds yourself with pain back or shoulder pain it’s possible you may be putting too much pressure on big muscles and not training smaller muscles. Pilates can be a great way to prevent injury.

People come to Pilates from a range of backgrounds including mums wanting to get back into shape after having a baby, dancers looking to strengthen their muscles, individuals with lower back pain or joint pain, and people who are weight training regularly and therefore need to ensure their core muscles are strong. 

We’d say it’s guaranteed to support and strengthen most bodies. So why not pop down and try a class?

Heather, our Pilates mat class teacher, runs her class on Mondays at 11am (except bank holidays).

Book yourself in for a taster class today.

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