7 Secrets to Self-Care

Here are 7 tips from our resident self-care yoga instructor, Suzy Reading.

1. Repeat after me: self-care isn’t selfish
2. Give yourself permission to take time out for you
3. Make an appointment with yourself and don’t quibble about it. It’s important. Don’t just wait for a good moment – they rarely come and bitterness about it at 9pm on Sunday isn’t good for anyone.
4. Plan your time and fill it with something that nurtures head, heart and body. Need ideas? Get in touch, I have plenty to share.
5. ENJOY with reckless abandon! Enjoy the anticipation of it too and see how it helps you manage even before you’ve had your ‘me time’.
6. Observe the upward spiral you’ve set in motion: your vitality and happiness makes you more resourceful in response to the inevitable stresses of life. Self-care helps you to be a more compassionate, effective human being. Win win.
7. Now get on it!

Interested in self-care? Come and try one of Suzy’s classes at the studio. Check out the timetable for more details.

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