Christmas kundalini yoga & gong with Raeeka - Mon 18th December

Monday 18th December, 7-9pm

Come and enjoy a relaxing pre-Christmas kundalini yoga class. Perfect for taking some time out just for you before the Christmas madness and fun begins! Consider it a gift to yourself.
We'll practice a lovely kundalini yoga set with some meditation and then enjoy a deep relaxation to the healing sounds of the gong. Mince pies to follow, of course!

Christmas ashtanga yoga talk through primary by candelight with Cathy - Tuesday 19th December

Tuesday 19th December, 7.30-9.30pm


A dynamic practice warming you up ready for the excesses of Christmas. The mulled wine and mince pies are totally guilt free as you will have just done an amazing yoga practice. Don't miss!


Early Bird discount if booked before 15th December £18, £25 after

Big dog little dog with Natalie Buckland- Saturday 6th January

Saturday 6th January 1.30-2.30pm

Big Dog Little Dog is a unique yoga-based class for parents (and carers) and their children (between the ages of 4-8). The aim is to build connection and trust between adult and child.

£15 for one adult and one child


Yin yoga workshop with Clare Wener - Saturday 6th January


Saturday 26th January 3-5pm

A calming, stilling practice. Yin yoga gently opens your body to improve flexibility. In particular, it works on the connective tissue in your pelvis, hips and spine.



Beginners ashtanga yoga Mysore practice with Cathy Haworth - Sunday 14th January

Sunday 14th January, 3-5pm

Starting an ashtanga yoga Mysore practice

Beginners often feel unsure whether Mysore classes are right for them, assuming that they will need to know the sequence before they start. However, this is not the case and, in many ways, learning in a Mysore style class is the best and safest way to learn Astanga yoga as it ensures that beginners are working at their own pace and receiving individual attention.

This workshop is designed for beginners interested in the inspiring and dynamic practice of Ashtanga yoga and for whose who wish to revisit the fundamentals of the practice.





Gong relaxation and bite size kundalini with Raeeka – Saturday 20th January


Go from stressed to relaxed in just 60 minutes 

Join this beautiful gong relaxation, where you simply lie back and let the healing sounds of the gong cleanse, renew and rejuvenate you. The gong is a powerful tool for clearing the mind, reinvigorating the nervous system and stripping away any negative thoughts. 



Sun Salutations - what is really involved? Saturday 27th January

berkhamsted yoga

Saturday 27th January, 2-4pm

Surya Namaskar, or Sun Salutation is a series of postures that warms, strengthens and aligns the entire body. In this workshop we will look in depth at the various different components that makes up the sequence and, as necessary, find ways of strengthening and/or modifying it to suit everyone.   It is a self contained complete practice of yoga that energises and balances our mental and emotional state leaving us calm and centred. 

Suitable for complete beginners as well as those looking to have a better understanding of the sequence. 

Self-care for Mums: Reclaim time for you with Suzy Reading - Sunday 28th January

Sunday 28th January, 12.30pm-2pm

When we become mothers our need for self-care couldn’t be greater, yet we are more squeezed for time and energy than ever before. Come along to this workshop designed especially for mums and get your health and wellbeing back on the radar, in powerful yet accessible ways.


Silent yin yoga and gong bath with Cathy Haworth and Raeeka Yassaie - Saturday 17th February

Saturday 17th February 3-5pm

Tuning into stillness through a silent yin practice followed by the healing sounds of the gong.

Yin yoga can help us find the space to slow down, each pose is held for periods of up to 5 minutes and are either seated or lying down. You will be led through the postures and assisted where necessary. By practicing in silence together, this gives us the opportunity to find profound feelings of inner peace and stillness of body and mind, allowing for a reflective experience of self.

Improve your flexibility with yoga - with Charli - Sunday 25th February


Sunday 25th February, 12.30-2.30pm

This class is perfect for yogis who would like to improve their flexibility. We explore poses that will open the hips and stretch the legs, shoulders and spine. The first half of the class will build heat as we flow through poses, working on flexibility, mobility, control and stamina. We will then slow things down in the second part of class in Yin poses to stretch the deep connective tissues of the body.




Shamanic journey group with Angie Litvinoff - Saturday 24th March


Saturday 24th March,  2.30-5pm
Shamanism uses the meditative beat of the drum to create a calming rhythm and achieve the 'Theta' state of very deep relaxation. Theta is a powerful, dreamlike state between the conscious and subconscious, where your brain waves are slowed and you connect to a realm known as ‘non-ordinary reality’.


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