Embodying yoga in our daily lives: how can we practice yoga to support our collective care?

Saturday 13th November, 1.30-3pm

While there is often an emphasis on asana (poses) in Western culture, yoga is actually much more than the physical aspects. It is meant to be a way of life.

The eightfold path, given to us by the sage Patanjali, begins with yamas (ethical codes) and niyamas (observances). These are ten principles we can bring into our daily lives to embody yoga in our day to day.

Yoga means union, so this can be a union within ourselves (of mind, body and spirit) but it is also a union with all other beings and the world around us. The path of yoga offers an invitation to practice being of service to others while also taking care of ourselves. It is an invitation to notice where we may have privilege/power that we can use to support those who are more marginalised, while also making sure our cup is full, too.

Enjoy an afternoon exploration into these ten principles, as we bring our asana practice and breathwork in to facilitate embodying them. We will blend yin yoga and kundalini yoga practices. No experience of either is needed to attend.

This will be a very accessible workshop where you can participate as much or as little as you wish in the poses, breathwork and meditation. There will be plenty of invitations to discuss and reflect. Our goal will be to leave the space feeling inspired to practice one or more of these tenets in our day to day life, to embody yoga ethics as a practice of collective care.

£21 in studio, £18 online

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