Yin yoga workshop online – with Clare

Saturday 4th April,  7.30 – 9.30pm   Online via Zoom

A calming, stilling practice

Discover a deeper stretch, and an all-new level of relaxation, with a yin yoga workshop.

Yin is the perfect partner to more dynamic (yang) styles of yoga, like ashtanga, as it works on stretching the body’s connective tissues in the pelvis, hips and spine. The idea is not to get yourself into the most pretzel-like postures, quickly moving from one to the next. Rather the aim (and the challenge) lies in holding each pose for much longer – we’re talking a good five minutes. This gently opens the body to improve flexibility, and encourages you to let go of any ambition and just ‘be’ in the stillness of the pose.

Our two-hour yin workshop is run in a way to make yoga fun and accessible for everyone, no matter your age, ability or flexibility.


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