Motherhood: Who am I now? – with Suzy

Sunday 19th November, 12.30-2pm

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As we birth our babies we embark on one of the biggest transitions in life: becoming a Mother. While it provides fertile ground for growth it also tests us to our limits. This workshop dives into how we can best navigate that change and the changes beyond, such as returning to work or growing our family.

We’ll take an honest look at our identity as mums, the natural grieving process in letting go of the old and embracing the new, how we define success in motherhood and what makes a ‘good’ mother via our own personal value system. You’ll also learn a soothing yoga sequence, a simple meditation to create calm and clarity and a series of mantras to keep you anchored in perspective throughout your day. A gorgeous L’Occitane goody will have you floating home.


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