What you need to know about barefoot boogie

What you need to know….about Nia and Nia FreeDance (Barefoot Boogie)

Nia was the first fusion-fitness programme in America. It’s about moving in a way that feels joyful for your body.  Nia blends concepts and movements from martial arts, dance arts and healing arts (eg.yoga) and has 52 moves that address the base, core and upper extremities of the body. Nia is practiced in over 45 countries world-wide and is both a holistic fitness programme and life-style practice.

As well as a Classic Nia class there is also a Nia FreeDance class experience (which I also call Barefoot Boogie) – see below.

Benefits of Nia

Nia is brilliant cross-training

It calms the mind, and promotes relaxation

It makes you stronger

It improves circulation and heart health

Develops grace, power and muscle tone

Promotes weight-loss and supports weight maintenance

Key things you need to know:

A regular Nia class is 60 minutes

Nia is sensory-based and practiced barefoot

Suitable for all levels of fitness and agility as every movement should be adapted to feel good for your body

Nia moves are body-friendly and teaches you to move according to the design of your body

NIA – non-impact aerobics

Classes are done to exhilarating eclectic music and are fun!

About Nia FreeDance

The intent of Nia FreeDance is to Stimulate Movement Creativity.

This class has four unique parts that tap into the creative wisdom of your body, emotions, mind, and spirit.

I will guide you using a focus and words that assist in directing

energy to stimulate movement creativity. The movement artistry you create comes from your body, moving, listening, and creating with your life force.

At all times, you’re in charge of how much or how little you do.

Debbie Rosas, Nia founder and creator says: “Nia FreeDance is an awareness practice. It is an expanded experience that takes you out of “just dancing” and into the river of the unexpected. Being guided by the teacher and moving through the 4 unique parts of Nia FreeDance is one of the best ways to witness your own movement habits – the movements you gravitate to time and again; the movements you avoid. Your body is always looking out for you, sending you messages and providing you with the space to be healthy, to make choices, to be in conscious relationship with yourself. You could say body awareness is your witness. It all comes down to: Are you listening?”

Moving safely comes about through listening to your body. “Listening also allows for directing the kind of healing and conditioning you need and most importantly, for responding to the sensation of pleasure, the voice of your body. FreeDance creates a foundation for listening and movement awareness. It encourages you to move, feel and express yourself authentically so you can develop an intimate relationship not only with movement, but also with awareness of your movement.”

Join Michele Kaye, Nia Black Belt teacher for a Barefoot Boogie opportunity to explore movement, self, space, music, energy, community and body-mind-spirit  on Saturday 1st June 6 – 7.15 at Bayoga.

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