Kundalini yoga – Gentle & dynamic

Is it for you?

Kundalini is considered the most comprehensive style of yoga, combining postures, breathing techniques, meditation and chanting.

Kundalini yoga is suitable for everyone, whatever your age, flexibility or fitness.

Our classes focus not on holding perfect postures, but on working from where we are now in our bodies and minds to lift the spirit and raise the energy to access our full inner potential.

Kundalini yoga was introduced to the west by Yogi Bhajan, who called it ‘the mother of all yogas’.

The idea is to awaken the full potential of human awareness and sense of connection that we might be longing for or not even realise we’re missing.

It’s about clearing any inner conflict, creating the power to listen, cultivating stillness and finding excellence in everything we do

The benefits

Sometimes known as the ‘yoga of awareness’, kundalini is a science of mind and body with the aim of reaching your highest consciousness.

With kundalini yoga, you can build a healthy body, develop a balanced mind and make contact with your innate inner wisdom.

When are the classes?

We have a weekly kundalini yoga class on Mondays at 6.30pm with Raeeka, check out the timetable page to book on for an upcoming course, buy a class card, drop-in or try it as a part of our new client 30 day pass.

Raeeka Yassaie also teaches Saturday kundalini yoga workshops, so visit the workshops page to book on today.

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