Massage therapy

Massage therapy is a powerful tool in the relief of all types of pain and stress, and is a proven go-to remedy for athletes looking to recover from and prevent injury during their sports training.

Massage as a healing aid has been around in many cultures for thousands of years. It uses various techniques to manipulate soft body tissues to help maintain, restore and improve health.

Massage therapy can be very effective in treating both acute and chronic conditions, from muscular injury and postural strain to emotional issues like stress and anxiety.

Georgina Sanders

Massage therapist

Georgina qualified as a massage therapist at the London School of Massage in 2004. Since then, she’s been practising massage therapy full time at her own practice abroad and in the UK.

Georgina is trained in a number of different massage disciplines: advanced myoskeletal realignment therapy; sports and remedial massage (ITEC level 4, BTEC level 5); trigger point massage (FHT); Swedish/holistic massage (ITEC level 3); hot and cold stone therapy; reflexology; manual lymphatic therapy (FHT); and shiatsu.

Her clients include those looking for relief from muscular tension and help in managing pain.

She sees a lot of sporty types wanting to lower their risk of injury during training, as well as clients who simply want a moment to relax and de-stress.



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