Contemporary counselling

Contemporary counselling offers a uniquely safe and confidential space in which to explore personal difficulties in the context of your life. It can help you make sense of your thoughts and feelings and of the situations you find yourself in.

Counsellors work with people in distress, as well as people who simply want to improve and take control of their lives.

It could be a specific situation like a bad relationship or recent loss; it might be a past trauma or abuse; or it could be nagging feelings of depression or a sheer sense of something missing.

Whatever you bring, your counsellor will work alongside you, at your pace, to find solutions that feel right for you.

Maxine Robbins


Maxine is a fully qualified and experienced counsellor, who provides a warm, open and accepting space for you to talk about and make sense of your current problems.

Maxine started her career with a degree in psychology, using this in the world of business. She later studied psychology from a therapeutic perspective and qualified as a counsellor and psychotherapist, with training in systemic NLP, Ericksonian hypnotherapy, mindful CBT and life coaching.

Through her work, Maxine began to appreciate the huge value that good therapy can add to people’s lives, acquiring a special interest in the areas of addiction and relationship counselling.

Her aim is to help people develop their emotional and intellectual capacity to live a balanced and fulfilling life.


Maxine works with both individuals and couples. Sessions normally last an hour or an hour and a half on a weekly or fortnightly basis.


07714 002 441

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