Kate Peel

Kate is dedicated to mindfulness and finding ways to bring it into everyday life – meditation being one of them.

Mindfulness practice helps us to cultivate our non-judgemental awareness, which in turn strengthens our wellbeing, mental health and social relationships. Rather than planning for the future or chewing over the past, if we learn to pay attention to the here and now, we find that rules, routines and goals guide us but no longer govern us.

Kate’s career experience includes senior coaching roles in the fields of charity and health. She knows that the demands of modern life (be it the state of the world or the state of our inbox) can take their toll on us all. We become trapped in our negative thoughts and in a future-oriented mindset.

Returning to meditation at such times has enabled Kate to look after herself and not be exhausted by energy-sapping thoughts.

Kate is keen to help others develop this sense of perspective, using meditation techniques to take the attention out of our chattering mind and into our grounded body. This way, she helps students find incredible calm, stillness and freedom.

Kate has practised mindfulness for five years now, and is trained to deliver Mindfulness for Life courses, as well as Youth Mindfulness programmes for children.

Check out Kate’s class at 1.15pm on Wednesdays

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