Jude Fairbrother

For Jude, yoga is not about being the bendiest person in the room or contorting into the most advanced poses. Yoga is for everyone. It should be, and can be, accessible to us all – whatever our age, body shape, fitness level or history. At its essence, yoga is a discipline that brings together the mind, body and breath. It’s about calming the mind and gaining some control over our thoughts. That’s the true benefit of yoga.
Jude first came to yoga while living abroad with her family in Singapore, having hit upon a ‘hot’ style of practice. While enjoying the physical benefits that came with increased flexibility and strength, Jude soon realized it was yoga’s powerful, soothing mind-effect that kept people coming back for more.

Back in the UK, Jude wanted to help others discover yoga and all its many benefits. She pursued the heated yoga path she’d found in the Far East, and did her teacher training at Feel Hot Yoga in Watford. Now at BAYoga, Jude teaches gently flowing hatha yoga classes, guiding students to be mindful of breath and any injuries, with a focus on alignment.

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