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From Saturday 21st March all classes will be streamed online until government guidelines allow us to re-open.

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Georgina Sanders

Georgina is passionate about well being and fitness. She has over 15yrs experience as a body therapist, trained in a number of disciplines including Sports, remedial and clinical massage. She has a background in martial arts and has practiced a number of different styles of yoga. Through her experience as a therapist she understands the importance of movement and emotional wellbeing . In 2016 she qualified at the London school of yoga, with the ambition to help clients develop a personalised practice to improve their awareness of both the body and mind.

As a teacher she has a keen focus on correct body alignment and breathing control.  Knowing that eveybody is different she emphasis the importance of working with what feels right, nothing is forced. The aim of her classes is to help free tension and restrictions safely, and to connect mind to body by immersing oneself in their own sensations.

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