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From Saturday 25th July the studio will be open for both in studio classes and online classes.

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Self-Care for Kids: Boosting Resilience and Emotional First Aid

Sunday 23rd September, 12.30-2pm

We teach our kids how to brush their teeth, to safely cross roads and the importance of healthy eating, this workshop for parents broadens the focus to the emotional and mental wellbeing of our kids. Self-care for kids is about empowering children with resilience boosting skills and providing them with the tools to navigate challenging situations and emotions such as anger, anxiety, and sadness.

Come along to this workshop and learn how to introduce the concept to your children and take away a practical toolkit that will keep your whole family well nourished. Suzy draws on her experience as a chartered psychologist and yoga teacher to empower you with concepts and practices that include mindfulness, emotional agility, growth mindset, meditation, breathing exercises and yoga.

You will learn:

  • An introduction to the concept of self-care for kids appropriate for children from the age of 3 to preteens.
  • A framework of self-care that works for the whole family
  • Inspiration for self-care activities that the whole family can enjoy
  • Practical tools for integrating self-care into daily life, by your children independently and as a family.
  • Two simple and effective yoga sequences you can share with your kids at home – one to lift the mood and blow away the sillies and the other a pre-bedtime wind down sequence.
  • A meditation script to help your children relax and develop the skill of mindfulness

Please note, this workshop is for parents only. The concepts and practices are targeted at children aged from 3 to preteen. Please wear comfortable clothes so you can enjoy some yoga you can then share with your kids at home. Please also bring a pen and notebook to record your insights.



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