Gong Bath & Qigong workshop with Mark Owen-Ward

Sunday 21st April, 3-4.45pm

Mark will lead you through a healing and balancing workshop aimed at helping you slow down, relax and find some inner stillness and calm.  If you struggle with seated meditation this combination of gentle meditation through movement followed by a calming gong bath maybe just right for you.

The workshop begins with a 40 minute qigong session during which there will be some warm ups, some standing meditation, then a gentle exploration of the “Five element” forms and elements of the “8 strands of the brocade” forms.  No previous knowledge of qigong is required or expected. Qigong is an ancient Chinese movement practice rooted in Chinese medicine and is suitable for all.  It can be done standing or seated on a chair. This section will end with quiet meditation.

There will be a 5 minute break for comfort and arranging yourself for the gong bath.

The second section is a 45 minute gong bath during which you will be lying on the ground on a mat with bolster or cushion and a yoga blanket (bring your own too if you have a favourite) whilst Mark takes you on a sound journey with the gongs and other instruments. This can be a transformational process as the gongs affect everyone differently, but you can think of it as a non-contact massage where sound waves and vibrations are doing all the wonderful work for you.

(NB there are a couple of contra-indications with the gong bath so do get in touch if you have a pacemaker, suffer from tinnitus or epilepsy, or have any metal plates in the body or are 1st trimester pregnant and we can talk you through the options for you)

£35.00 In Studio (£31.00 early bird if booked prior to 31/03)


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