Pain free shoulders in your yoga practice with Andy Gill

Saturday 13th October 2 – 5pm

How to protect your shoulders in your yoga practice and create a healthy balance of stability and flexibility

Many Ashtanga yoga practitioners may have experienced some pain or discomfort in their shoulders / shoulder girdle at some point, whether that be mild discomfort, pain, joint impingement or serious injury.
Your shoulders are capable of an astonishing range of motion compared to your hip. A healthy shoulder can move your arms forward, back, across the body, and in 360-degree circles – that’s amazing.
This highly mobile joint structure is supported by a complex arrangement of soft tissue to hold it together (the soft tissue includes ligaments, which connect bone to bone; tendons, which attach muscle to bone; and muscles, which move and stabilise the bones).
In the Ashtanga yoga practice we rely on our shoulders to carry some of all pf our body weight particularly when jumping forwards or backwards, in various forms of handstanding or even in Catvare (Caturanga).
If we are not careful in the way we move we can create injury or pain in the shoulder joints as they struggle to cope with the competing demands of being Stable and Flexible at the same time!

In this 3 hour workshop, Andy Gill will share healthy approaches to protecting and keeping your shoulders safe and injury free in the Ashtanga practice, simultaneously stability, strength, mobility and flexibility for a pain free experience.

This workshop will include:

This is a very much an experiential workshop. Whilst there will be an exploration of the theoretical aspects of movement and bandha, this is a practical workshop in which there will be plenty of opportunity to play and explore the concepts and principles Andy will share.

Andy has been practicing yoga for over 25 years. His yoga journey has taken him through Hatha and Iyengar before he found his yoga home in Ashtanga.

Andy has been teaching Ashtanga yoga for over 12 years. He is a 3rd Series practitioner and has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching Primary, 2nd and 3rd Series asana practice in the Ashtanga method.

John and Lucy Scott remain the biggest influence on Andy’s teaching and practice completing a RYT-200 hour Teaching training course with them. Andy has continued to study with John Scott and has subsequently taught with him in Goa, Salentop, London, Barcelona and Kathamndu resulting in him becoming one of a small group of teachers to be awarded the John Scott Yoga 500 Hour Teacher Training certification.

As a teacher and a practicing Life Coach Andy understands and respects the needs of the individual student, placing their needs at the heart of his teaching. He brings an informed and non-dogmatic approach to teaching Ashtanga whilst remaining consistent and true to the traditional method.

Andy is passionate about teaching Ashtanga in the traditional Mysore space and he draws upon his experience both as a teacher and coach to provide a supportive, nurturing and inspiring space in which he can facilitate the personal growth of his students through their practice.



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