Master class with Ambra Vallo – A journey towards headstand, king of poses

Wednesday 4th November, 7.30 – 9pm

Explore the benefits and reasons why inversions are an important part of the asana practice. Come take part in this fun and informative workshop and try something new or enhance what’s already there in your practice.

In this workshop we will focus on shoulders and core strength and stability. Inversions are the poses most people have problems with, so you’re not alone! They require balance, strength, and most of all the guts to be upside down. I believe it’s possible for all healthy people to do them. Strengthening your upper body and core is a great way to feel stronger when inverted. In this workshop you will learn plenty of drills and techniques to build strength and stability in order to lose the fear of going upside down, and build your confidence. Working up towards Headstand requires humility and perseverance.

In studio: £18 non members, 15% discount for members (£15.30)
Online: £15 non members, 15% discount for members (£12.75)


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