Manifest your vision for the new year with kundalini yoga – with Raeeka

Saturday 11th January, 2-4pm

Do you have a vision of your future? It’s one big thing to get clear about your goals and your mission in this life. Then what? How do we stay focused and make it happen?

The agni tattva is the fire element. It is the fire of the kundalini energy. It gives us the strength of commitment, discipline, will-power, and the ability to carry out our intentions. The third chakra (navel) is dominated by the agni tattva. It is associated with the archetype of the spiritual warrior: one who is able to know one’s mission and to act consistently in higher consciousness to complete it.

We will practice breathwork, kundalini yoga and meditation to activate our fire element and navel chakra. Manifest your vision for 2020 and take it from an idea to a reality. The session will end with a gong bath to help clear out unwanted patterns from the past.
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