Make your home work for you with Suzanne Roynon

Saturday 18th May 2-5pm

Your invitation to a brighter, healthier, happier life

Are you tired, anxious, overwhelmed? Having health, relationship or financial problems? Stuck in an unloved home?

Have you ever wondered why life seems so easy for some people, but it’s never that straightforward for you?

Look around your home? Are you surrounding yourself with physical and emotional clutter?

Clutter is the stuff you don’t need, use or love. It takes many forms and while it gathers dust and takes up space in your home there will always be something holding you back.

Clutter has a negative impact on your health, finances, work, stress levels, romantic and family relationships. It is a frequent cause of weight gain, poor health, breathing problems, anxiety, exhaustion and arguments. Clutter leaves you feeling overwhelmed and out of control.

You deserve better but procrastination prevents you from dealing with it.

Join Suzanne for this practical workshop to discover how your clutter is impacting on your life, your home and the people who share it with you.

• Learn about different types of clutter
• How generational clutter keeps old patterns repeating in your life
• Why clinging on to things which make you miserable is a really bad thing
• The power of images
• Use the Feng Shui Bagua to identify the impact of clutter in your home
• Hints and tips to kick start your clutter-free life
• Methods to beat procrastination and excuses

With over 20 years experience of the impact of clutter, Suzanne believes a home should support and enhance the lives of everyone living in it. She can often identify problem areas in her client’s lives just by looking around their living space.

Suzanne’s distinctive approach of coaching, questioning and practical clutter-clearing guidance is transformational. By breaking through years of stagnation and recognizing the damaging emotional impact of their ‘stuff’, clients have gone on to new or more fulfilling relationships, better jobs, become fitter and healthier, lost weight and gained self esteem, received unexpected financial abundance and are more content within themselves.

Suzanne has featured in the Daily Mail, The Guardian, Grazia and on Radio 5 Live.  She works 1:1 in person across the UK and supports clients internationally by Skype.  For more information about Suzanne click onto her website



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