Kirtan & Indian street food !

Join Camilla Walker for an introduction to Kirtan, the yoga of sound and voice. Chanting mantras together as meditation is an ancient practice within the yoga tradition and this workshop is here to introduce and orient you to the amazing benefits and joys it holds!

Kirtan is the yoga of heartfelt connection to self, connection to community and connection to life.

Kirtan sees the human voice as a sacred expression of the deep heart of life that connects us all. It harnesses the simple, yet amazingly uplifting and universal power of people getting together and singing together. Kirtan brings together melody and rhythm and the infectious joy of live music, instruments and voice… It feels great!

You do NOT have to be a singer, or even to like your own voice. Kirtan is not a performance and not remotely about ‘sounding good’. It’s about joining in and FEELING good. 

Kirtan is about feeling connected as part of a bigger whole, and about celebrating our aliveness and belonging through sound. Kirtan is part of Bhakti yoga, which is the branch of yoga focused on love, devotion and belonging, and it can be a profoundly liberating, transformative and all-round nourishing practice. 

Kirtan is evocative, lyrical, moving and expressive – its origins lie in the beautiful poetry of tantra and the revelation that the divine lives in the temple of our own hearts, not outside of ourselves. People typically find Kirtan to be a deeply empowering, freeing, emotionally cleansing, restorative and enlivening experience, and one that fosters subtle yet profound inner transformation.

We will be serving home made vegan indian street food and masala chai.

£28 in studio (Early bird price £25, if booked before May 9th)


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