Healing from the Core & Connecting to the Roots with Ambra Vallo ONLINE

Sunday 29th November, 2 – 4pm.

This ONLINE workshop will get you strong and centred, something really needed in these challenging times. Leg Strength and Core activation are some of the best ways to feel grounded, strong, and stable. 

The legs give us that physically grounded feeling and connect us to the earth. They give us a sense of safety, stability and rootedness. They sustain us during every step of our journey through life.

Our core strength allows us to stand tall, to feel confident and gives us access to unprocessed emotions stored in our subconscious, allowing us to process them, and thus to let them go.

In this workshop you will learn techniques for strengthening the core, glutes and legs, massaging the internal organs and shifting the physical or metaphorical gunk that that may be holding us back.

Working on these areas will make you feel strong from the inside out, it will boost your self-esteem, make you feel grounded, improve the digestion, detoxify the whole body and strengthen the core. You will feel cleansed, refreshed and alive.

Practitioners of all levels are welcome. Not suitable for pregnant women.

You will need these yoga props: Mat, block, strap and a rolled up beach towel.


Ambra Vallo



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