Happy Hips and Flexible Hamstrings with Ambra Vallo

Sunday 12th January, 2 – 5pm

All hips welcome

Many of us hold a great deal of tension, emotions, and stress in the hips. Emotions are energy. When they are not released, they become stuck energy in the body that can morph into tightness or pain. Additionally by spending the majority of our days standing, sitting and driving, our hips lose mobility and become tight and tense.

Tight hamstrings and hips can contribute to problems with the low back and knees.

This workshop is designed for anyone who wants to increase their flexibility through the hips and hamstrings. We will begin to delve into the hip-flexors, hips and hamstrings through a hip-opening Forrest inspired practice.  We will explore postures that aid in increasing the mobility of the pelvis, loosening the hamstrings and opening the hips.

This workshop will conclude with a guided deep relaxation to get rid of any tension left in the body and make you feel rested and re-energised.

Suitable for all levels of flexibility, especially lack of!  Complete beginners welcome.



Find out more about Ambra   here

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