Flow With Charli – The balance of effort and ease

Saturday 28th November, 2 – 4pm

This workshop will be playful, energising and light hearted. We’ll target core muscles to strengthen and condition, explore juicy back bends, balances and hip openers whilst flowing gracefully with the breath.

Once the flow has ignited fire in the body, we will have the opportunity to challenge ourselves with some playful inversions and arm balances.

We will then follow on with a grounding and soothing yin practice. Poses will be held passively for longer to promote flexibility and range of motion. This will allow us to stretch the deep connective tissues of the body, finding plenty of those ahhhh release moments.

The perfect balance of effort and ease combining a high energy yang practise with the soft and calming sensations of yin.

£28 in studio

£20 online


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