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From Saturday 21st March all classes will be streamed online until government guidelines allow us to re-open.

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Feet and Foundation with Dan Street

Saturday 16th February 11:30 – 13:30

Your feet are your foundation, they are one of, if not the most important parts of your body to maintain….. and yet how much time do we spend training/caring for our feet???  Likely not that much, if at all!!

The way your feet make contact with the ground determines how the bones in and above your foot will sit. This has a dramatic effect on how the joints function, both in your foot and above. Understand how to use your feet, and almost everything you do, will improve!

As a movement coach Dan’s job is to improve people’s movement capacity and build strength and mobility. First he must identify weaknesses in the kinetic chain which may hamper progress or create aberrant movement patterns.

Early in his career he considered himself to be in good health, he regularly exercised, his overall mobility was good but he couldn’t function properly. He was playing a lot of competitive sport and constantly rolling his ankle. He couldn’t squat or lunge without knee pain, his hips felt tight all the time and he had a nagging lower back problem.

Dan needed to rethink his training, he realised all of his problems started after his foot injury (which he never properly rehabilitated). He learned as much as he could about the feet. Read everything he could find, went on courses and most importantly practiced!!!

Now he always start his assessments with the feet….

After realising his limitations and following a foot specific exercise program his pain started to disappear, not only that, he is stronger, his balance has improved dramatically and his posture is so much better.

Since then he has helped countless people to improve their training and overall well-being, he always begins with awareness of ones feet.

Treat the cause, not the symptoms!!!

Check out one of Dan’s exercises here and sign up to the upcoming workshop to find out more about your feet. You will learn about your individual issues and Dan will provide tailored exercises to help you improve them.



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