Demystifying Reiki with Bodhini

Sunday 26th January, 2 – 4pm

This is an exploration into this fascinating energy system of Japanese origin known as Reiki.

Reiki is another way of working with the energy also known as chi and prana which flows within and around us.

The real depth, beauty and wisdom of Reiki as a meaningful way of life is often overlooked as it has become widely known for being a relaxing complimentary therapy.

In this workshop, you will gain an understanding of what Reiki is, it’s history and origins. Discover the Reiki precepts (guidelines for living a happier life) and how these and mindfulness are the foundation of the Reiki system.

You will experience receiving Reiki through meditation and group healing. We will also touch on the benefits of receiving reiki as a therapy and also how reiki and yoga compliment each other.

Facilitator Bodhini has been practising and teaching Reiki since 1999. Bodhini is also a qualified meditation and yoga teacher with the Heart of Living Yoga and loves to weave these life enhancing practices together.




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