De-constructing Ashtanga Yoga with Andy Gill

Saturday 13th April, 2-5pm

In this follow up to his highly successful January 2019 workshop, Andy will continue his in-depth exploration of the richness of the Ashtanga yoga primary series and share his experience and insights. His aim in this workshop is to build on the principles explored in the January workshop and apply them practically to more of the postures of the Primary series.

Andy will cover:
• The purpose of each posture
• Appropriate modifications
• Underlying anatomy including a focus on shoulders and hips
• Breathing in each posture
• How to create and cultivate the appropriate bandha and internal structure in
each posture
• Balancing and unifying opposite forces and keeping the posture alive without
stiffness and tension

This workshop is open to all levels of practitioner and you do not need to have
attended the January workshop to take part in this one.

About Andy
Andy has been practising Yoga for over 25 years. His yoga journey has taken him
through hatha and Iyengar before he found his yoga home in ashtanga vinyasa.
Andy has been teaching ashtanga yoga for over 14 years. He is a third series
practitioner and has extensive knowledge and experience in teaching primary,
second and third Series asana practice though the ashtanga method. Andy’s
personal practice and study has taken him on several visits to Mysore in India, the
spiritual home of ashtanga yoga, where he worked with Sharath and Saraswati.

Andy has also had the privilege to work with a number of top ashtanga yoga
teachers, including John and Lucy Scott, David Swenson, Rolf and Marci Naujokat,
David Keil, Dena Kingsberg, Greg Nardi and David Williams. John and Lucy Scott remain the biggest influence on Andy’s teaching and practice.

Having completed an RYT 200-hour teacher training course with John and Lucy,
Andy has continued to study with John and has subsequently taught with him in
Goa, Salentop, London, Barcelona and Kathamndu, becoming one of a small group
of teachers to be awarded the John Scott Yoga 500-hour teacher training certification.

As a teacher and a practising life coach, Andy understands and respects the needs
of the individual student, placing them at the heart of his teaching. He brings an
informed and non-dogmatic approach to teaching ashtanga while remaining
consistent and true to the traditional method.

Andy is passionate about teaching ashtanga in the traditional Mysore space, and he
draws upon his experience both as a teacher and as a coach to provide a
supportive, nurturing and inspiring environment in which he can facilitate the
personal growth of his students through their practice.



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