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From Saturday 21st March all classes will be streamed online until government guidelines allow us to re-open.

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Covid-19 Letter

Dear All

Given the current coronavirus situation, and tightening of measures by the government, we are now closed and offering online classes.

We are a small business, a labour of love for Cathy and, to be honest, we will need your support to survive this period. Many of you have been with us for many years and some are newer faces. We are so proud of our yoga community and our wonderful teachers. We also appreciate how stressful this time of uncertainty is.  However, with the increasing move towards social distancing and self-isolation, we want to continue to provide a way to practice yoga, meditation and tai chi that is safe and also helps to relieve the ongoing challenges we will face over the coming weeks and, potentially, months. We want you to still have your familiar teachers and classes that give you comfort and a sense of stability where we can. We want to come back together after all this is over feeling like we were never apart from our community.

Please sign on to the timetable and classes via MBO using your membership, class cards or drop ins. We are aware that some of you occasionally have trouble with this, so we will ask you to contact the teacher directly to sign in, if you are having trouble, although you can always email us too. Please sign in at least an hour before the class is due to start, as the teacher will need to have some time to send an email out to attendees with the joining instructions. You can then click on the link when it arrives in your inbox to join the class.

We will be using Zoom to teach classes online. You will be able to see your teacher and, if you wish, they will be able to see you. Zoom does require an application to be installed, either on your PC/Mac or phone/tablet.  If you follow the instructions on the website to do this (or download the app and create a login) this means that when the email comes out for you to join your class, you’ll be ready to jump straight into the ‘room’.

In order for your teacher to see you, you will need to use a device with a camera. Almost every phone or tablet on the market has one of these, as do most laptops these days – but you can also still join without the teacher being able to see you, if necessary, so this doesn’t have to be a limiting factor.

We really appreciate your support in this challenging time. We encourage you to join us on this online adventure, laugh along with any technical challenges or hiccups and feel a sense of community as we all navigate our way through these unusual times. We’ll be open to feedback along the way. We’d love to do this together.

As many of us know, yoga helps to rebalance the nervous system as well as de-stress and focus the mind. As more and more of us social distance or self-isolate, having an online space in which to feel a sense of normality will, hopefully, be an anchor to our sense of inner peace.

With much gratitude for your continued loyalty and support. We love you.

Cathy & the BAYoga team

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