Colour therapy – with Emily Rose

Saturday 9th March 2 – 5pm

We’re coming out of Winter and Spring is on our doorstep. The trees are no longer bare, and flowers will slowly start to bloom. The colours of nature will start to show again …….. Have you made any progress with your New Years Resolution or are you looking for a push to help you propel forward and Spring into action? Would you like to be in alignment with nature and allow the colour within you to start showing again too? Are you ready to bloom?

If you are still feeling stuck with making a change in your life and you would like to get rid of those negative blocks sitting in your subconscious and create the magic in your life you have always wanted.  Join Emily for a workshop of energy clearing, meditation and open discussion using the vibration of colour and help open up your inner being to a new world through deep transformation.

Emily is a highly intuitive empath who has a passion to serve others to find their light that shines from within. She is creative, free spirited and highly sensitive with an ability to tune into different frequencies which deepens her practise. She works with colour on a profound soul level, to facilitate transformation for a wide variety of people. Colour works with the chakras and is the language of the soul. It is a fun, fast yet gentle, safe way to enable changes in your life.



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