Catch Your Breath workshop with Jayne

Saturday, 9th October 2 – 4pm

Our breath is something we feel, taste, smell, hear but rarely see except on winter mornings. Jayne Wilton artist and yoga teacher will lead a workshop about how people from Palaeolithic times onwards have found ways to make the breath visible. 

In this workshop, open to individuals and also parents with a child of age between 5 and 13, we will look at ways artists have tried to make the impermanent breath, permanent.

We will explore some yoga poses which allow us to feel and work with our breath and we will all have an opportunity to take a print of our breath (this would make a unique and excellent Christmas present to relatives!!) 

Come and enjoy 2 hours of creativity and movement focused on the breath. 

£28 per person, £35 adult and child.

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