Beginners vinyasa flow – with Pamela

6 week course

Sundays, 13th June – 18th July, 11.00-12pm

This six week beginners course will introduce you to key concepts and movements of yoga at an accessible pace. We will guide you through some basic postures of yoga intended to help wake up the spine, hips, shoulders and hamstrings. We will practice linking breath with movement to flow through a moving meditation, exploring the fuller capacity of the breath. This is a great place to start if you want to learn the basics without being worried about being out of your depth.

Our practice will take place in the studio. To participate, you will need to bring your own yoga mat, and we recommend bringing the following props to help you adjust to the postures in a way that suits your body: two yoga blocks (or thick books of a similar size), a large rolled up towel, and a yoga strap (or belt, tie or additional towel).  Please see the protocol for students for further information on in-studio safety procedures.
Please get in touch before booking if you have any form of serious illness or injury, or if you are pregnant or have recently had a baby.

The flow classes held on Tuesdays 12.30pm, Wednesdays at 6.30am and 6pm, Fridays 6.30am, 12pm and 1.30pm, Saturdays at 11.30am, and Sundays at 9.30am  are all good follow on classes to enjoy once you have attended this course!

Memberships are valid for this course but members must sign in to every class and do it as a course.


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