Pilates course with Katie (mixed ability)

Tuesdays, 26th April – 24th May, 12 – 1pm

This five week mixed ability course is open to total beginners or those who have attended pilates mat classes before.  You don’t have to be ‘flexible’ to participate. It is a fun, low impact way to to strengthen your body (especially your core), while also targeting lengthening muscles that might be tight from sitting or other physical activities.

Whether you’re just getting moving again, recovering from injury or you have other high impact activities you’d like to complement, this is a wonderful class to support you.  Katie brings a fun and playful attitude to the class, paired with the precision and knowledge to support each individual with what their body needs – offering variations to meet all bodies where they are.

Memberships are valid for this course but members must sign in to every class and do it as a course.


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If you’ve already completed a beginners course you can continue on this course, as it is designed to support total beginners and improvers.

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