Ashtanga vinyasa Primary Series with Lucy Crawford

Saturday 10th March, 9-11am
Join Lucy for a deep, insightful, fun exploration of the Ashtanga Vinyasa Primary Series.  We will see how bringing awareness to our breath and linking it with movement can create a very beneficial and healing effect for our body and mind. We will understand why this series name means “yoga therapy” and how we can use it to bring more strength, balance and flexibility to our body.
In this workshop you will be led through the sequence using the traditional vinyasa count of the primary series.

Lucy’s style of teaching and adjustment has been developed from her direct experience with Shri K Pattabhi Jois and from working alongside and together with John Scott, for the past 20 years.With the major focus on the physical and functional aspects of Yoga asana, Lucy continues to develop her own unique adjustments, based on her knowledge of anatomy in the sphere of yoga. She has a very practical and sensitive hands on approach to working with students and has devised and developed many additional, supportive stretches relative and specific to each asana – which assist in the intelligent opening of the body.

Lucy has a background in aromatherapy, massage and bodywork, (including her study and practice of Chavutti Thirimal (Indian foot pressure massage), and for the past 12 years as a Craniosacral Therapist.


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