Pilates mat class

We offer a Pilates mat class with Heather on Mondays at 11am.

A group matwork class suitable for those who haven’t tried Pilates before and for those wanting to challenge towards intermediate level. Pilates has its roots in yogic movement and also takes inspiration from the movement of animals. First developed with rehabilitation from injuries in mind, it now has become a worldwide well known way to tone, lengthen and activate. The class here will typically involve laying to start, with small movements to activate and isolate certain deep stabilising muscles, then, as progression allows, more and more dynamic movement is included but with the emphasis being on keeping the activation of the deep musculature which helps support the body in these movements. Pilates can help to relieve stress in the body and mind, correct postural issues and balance the body. It’s great as a complement to yoga and perfect for injury rehabilitation and prevention.

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