Kinesiology and homeopathy

Kinesiology & homeopathy 

This systematic approach uses kinesiology to investigate which mental, emotional or physical imbalances are having the greatest impact on our wellbeing, and prioritise how to address them. Stressors can stem from situations in our past or present, or even anxieties about our future.

Kinesiology employs muscle response to gain information from the body. It can be used to explore food intolerances, problems with toxicity or parasites, and biochemical or hormonal imbalances that are subtle enough to fall inside normal blood test parameters yet have a big effect on our health.

Treatment is focused, gentle and non-invasive. It usually involves nutritional intervention and homeopathic remedies to stimulate the body’s own healing abilities.

Patricia Wassall 

Kinesiologist & homeopath

Trish has been practising privately as a homeopath since she qualified in 2002, after four years of classical training. During this time, she’s worked in the NHS for a year as part of a highly successful government project where GPs were able to refer patients with stress or depression for homeopathic treatment. The outcomes for homeopathy were outstanding.

Having also practised as an optometrist for more than 20 years, Trish started looking for a precise investigative and holistic system to use together with homeopathic medicine and found this is in systematic kinesiology. She subsequently went on to complete an advanced diploma and now uses both disciplines in her practice. 

Trish believes that an integrative approach to healthcare is essential and is happy to treat holistically alongside conventional medicine. She enjoys a varied practice, working with both children and adults.


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