Carly Day

Carly began her career in 2005 with a degree in sports rehabilitation and injury prevention, which included placements at local and professional rugby and football clubs, as well as private physiotherapy clinics. Newly qualified and eager to practice, she took on various voluntary roles until landing herself a lovely little job, which turned out to be a very big job in a multi-disciplinary clinic in Hertfordshire. She later took over management of the clinic!
Not cut out to only sit behind a desk, Carly continued to treat musculoskeletal injuries and posture-related aches and pains. Over time, she became more and more interested in the benefits of pilates for re-educating movement patterns and realigning the musculature to release tension, speed up recovery and reduce the risk of re-injury.
Carly spent a year in 2010 studying Stott Pilates, gaining experience in matwork, and earned a teaching qualification in both this and reformer pilates. (Stott Pilates works with the natural curvature of the spine to realign the body, while reformer pilates uses a combination of resistance springs and pulleys to allow controlled and supported movement of the body.)
Carly’s aim is to help people realise just how amazing the human body is, and how it has the power to unlock the mind using release, alignment and balance in all things. In her classes, you’ll quickly discover Carly’s inner calm and warmth - along with a certain twinkle!
When she’s not teaching pilates locally, Carly loves to travel and has spent summers working on pilates and yoga retreats in Morocco, Greece and Ibiza. 

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