Sign up for our flexibility workshop on Sun 14th May to improve your flexibility with support from our vinyasa flow teacher, Charli.
A gentler practice for returning to yoga, managing illness, or recovering from injury. Join Tara on Sat 29th April.
Invigorate your start to the day with an early morning ashtanga yoga class – every Wednesday and Friday from 6am. Just think how virtuous and energised you’ll feel on the commute!

BAYoga Blog

5 reasons to practice yoga early in the morning

1 - Feel good factor

Yes, it really does give you that feel good factor! Whilst getting up so early can be extremely challenging (to say the least!) once you have finished your yoga practice, you feel virtuous and ready to start the day in style, with a positive attitude and spring in your step:-))

2 - Helps maintain a healthy approach to the day

Having got the metabolism kick started in an invigorating way it encourages a healthy diet so that you can maintain that healthy start to your day

3 - Keeps you energised


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